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4Pc Red Underbody LED Kit
4Pc Red Underbody LED Kit

Underbody RED LED Lights - 4pc WIDE-ANGLE LEDS Kit

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Part Number:REDLED Kit
RED Underboy Car Kit LEDS

4pc Wide-Angle LED Kit for Undercar / Underbody Installation


Glow N Street Lights

4 Piece HYPER GLOW Lighting Kit (Full Sized Kit)

NOW with true Smooth Neon looks, but with advanced LED Technology.


Brand New Custom Lighting Kit - LED GLOW TECHNOLOGY

Underbody LED Light Kits w/ Wide 180* Flat Span LEDS 

!!!!NO MORE DOTS !!!!

LED technology are superior for outside use

2-48" LED Tubes BUILT IN TRANSFORMER (wide glow)

2-36" LED Tubes BUILT IN TRANSFORMER (wide glow)

On/Off Toggle Switch (on Controller Box)

Built in In-line fuse

Wires w/ Power Distribution Connection Box

Mounting Brackets & Hardware

Easy to Follow Instructions


Why LEDS over NEONS?

Neons are Temperature Prone to Freeze in winter

Fragile - Tend to break much too easy


New LED Technology - means No More Dotting Effects

Neon like glow, without the fragile nature

Lasts 10x longer and Brighter

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Q. I heard that LEDS leave spotted marks or dotting effects on the ground is that true?
    • AMany are, Not these. Our led lights are specially designed for smooth neon glow. 
    • Look at the picture (our led kit was even on the ground  & Still NO Dots!)
  • Q. How hard is this to install?
    • A. Easy - this kit is complete with all the necessary accessories and directions
  • Q. Are these waterproof?
    • A. These are water-resistant, please read below about this. (Sellers are misleading)
    • To make as waterproof as possible; use clear silicone to seal out the elements.
    • Easily found at any hardware store.
Additional Notes:
  • Many sellers are misleading and advertising that they sell waterproof lights; simply untrue.
  • We have tested all manufactures, all brands, and sell the most durable neon & led kits available on the market.
  • There is no such thing as waterproof neon or led car lighting! Ask any scuba instructor what waterproof means.
  • Water Resistant and durable - but don't run em under boat, or into a deep flooded swamp.
  • Our policy is to provide exceptional service while selling discounts on quality inspected products that pass our tests. 
  • We are a true business, not some hack hiding in a garage. 
  • We stock our own supplies, so you get your products when you order them.
  • Many sellers online are drop shipping, meaning they have to rely on another company to handle your order.
  • Sellers who use drop shipping companies have no control of inventory, shipment time, tracking, or even a true sense of the products they sell.